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Brach at the Exit07 in Luxembourg (19th August 2010)

Most new bands play their first live concert in front of only a couple of friends and maybe some stray people who showed up by mistake. Until about two weeks ago, I had never heard of Brach, but thank to word-of-mouth marketing and of course the nowadays mandatory Facebook crusade, the world soon learned that this was a collaboration between the two rappers of De Läb and the two electronic music artists Project M / Airstrip 1 and Loose Body Parts.

Maybe the weather, which spontaneously decided to act according to the season, might have also helped to get people to the venue, but that doesn’t change the impressive number of spectators already present when I arrived shortly after 8pm. Initially the concert was planned to happen outside, and the balmy evening temperatures would have made it possible, but maybe the band didn’t want to risk unexpected turns of the weather in these all shook up times of global warming.

Scheduled to start at half past eight, we had to wait another ten minutes before the quartet finally entered the stage, with the two rappers Corbi and Fluit taking up the front part while Fred and Time were somewhat hidden behind their equipment consisting of laptop computers and samplers. Those who expected a strange crossover between experimental electro and hip hop may have been disappointed, because, at least in my opinion, the songs sounded rather like De Läb with electronic music instead of turntablism. The lyrics were all about China, and most likely taken straight from De Läb’s program they are rehearsing for October when they will represent Luxembourg at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai where they will have to play 2 shows a day for 10 days straight… good luck working on your stamina!

Only towards the end some nervous breakbeats found their way into the music, and hopefully this is where this band will be heading in the future. By having incorporated instantly both rappers of De Läb, the risk is too big that Brach will sound too much like them, considering how Corbi and Fluit are a well-practised team. Future shows have already been scheduled, and it will be interesting to see how this project will evolve. There is definitely potential, but the quartet still needs to work on creating an own identity.


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